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2/? Scenes in which Sherlock Holmes looks at Irene Adler like an idiot

Vasili Livanov, Treasures of Agra, 1983 [x]

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thefandomicaopens said:
Buona serata? Are you Italian? Homewer, I come in to say that I love your "idiot" collection <3 <3 <3 don't stop!  

i’m descendant of italians and my family is kind of really serious about it so yes i feel part italian xD well how nice of you to stop by and tell me! i thought only rdjHolmes did the idiot thing but then i was rewatching other adaptations and dammit wonderful actors looking like idiots all over the place

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1/? Scenes in which Sherlock Holmes looks at Irene Adler like an idiot
Jeremy Brett, A Scandal in Bohemia, 1984
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Since i can’t stop thinking about it

inspired by naomi’s tags i have decided to make a collection of gifsets showing every moment in which Sherlock looks at Irene like an idiot because he can’t get enough of her fuck you naomi

just letting you know, the tag for it will be here, it’s gonna be a lengthy process because it’s multi verse and seriously there’s no adaptation in which he doesn’t look at her like an idiot at least once i mean HAVE YOU SEEN RUSSIAN SHERLOCK THAT ONE WAS THE WORST

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